Prometheus is a film that will mark the landscape of science fiction, undoubtedly, in a few years, its value will be further recognized, probably in a Post Ridley Scott era.
Like Blade Runner was before it.
Even today, one asks:
Is Harrison Ford’s character human?
20 years after his debut, movie critics recognized it’s greatness, but using a common phrase, it’s better late than never
Many fans whowatched the movie Prometheus made different assumptions about it’s meaning.
And the movie critics also failed to recognize it’s value (in a general analysis).
Who is right?
All and none.
This response is given under the point of view of Prometheus, and Ridley Scott himself.
A Film that leaves several hypotheses of interpretation will forever be spoken.
It would be easy,very easy, to go this way.
But I will not play along.
Prometheus is a film with a very objective screenplay ,as long as you realize the path to follow, but it is not easy, I admit.
I’ve seen it three times.
Now, i will demonstrate my point of view, because to criticize a movie is not only to say that it’s a good or a bad novie,but it is to explain, it is to analyze and contribute to enlightenment of all the viewers over the world.

Historical References

Just for context, and because as I said once before, all the movies grab ideas in other films, Prometheus addresses the same subject as 12 Monkeys, (Science and Religion), among other films.
12 Monkeys ( based on the short film La Jetée (here’s the proof of what I said before, was also drinking a previous film), depicts the struggle between science and religion.
This Movie hides much, but certain things are obvious, if we are willing to interpret their signals, like the initials of his protagonist, James Cole, JC(played on screen by Bruce Willis).
And the struggle for survival of the human race.
The death of JC happens, and science takes over.
But as the movie portrays constant travel back in time, James Cole returns, and so on.
So, who’s really right?
Science or Religion?

Prometheus portrays something similar, and similarly refers to Jesus Christ as one who sacrifices himself 2000 years before, and although never gives HIS name directly,keeps suggesting that he was an engineer, like the one we saw at the beginning of the picture sacrificing himself for the survival of mankind.
Warning, this is a PLOT POINT, which may explain why engineers turned against us and decided to annihilate the human species.
Prometheus film takes place at Christmastime, (the birth of JC), but this isn’t the only reason why this date is chosen.


The human genome since the beginning of Prometheus emerges from the development of life on the water, passing through all stages (unicellular, multicellular) to reach our genetic code.
This was the last shot presented in this sequence, and these are the rules for the script and the language of cinema, Ridley Scott “forces” this idea to the viewer.
It is the sacrifice of the Engineer who creates life on Earth, which means that religion is not so far removed from reality as is believed today, and that the two (science and religion) can co-exist, because deep down, God is just an unknown entity, which may well be one of the engineers who sacrificed themselves to the creation of life.

Exactly 2000 years before the action of Prometheus, we realize that humanity turns against its creator(s), and proved to be capable of anything, amid cruel and insensitive actions.
This date is referred to in Prometheus, so you can achieve a conexion.
And that’s where the engineers of the Prometheus Ship attempt to send it with organic content like the one seen before in the act of creation of Earth to exterminate a species that evolved and turned against those who put it here.
As David said (a masterful Fassbender, no doubt) to build something sometimes we have to destroy everything before.

And now arrives the theory that forever changed the balance between religion and science.
In Darwin’s theory, for a species to succeed, we must try and expose it(species) to the extremes (see the case of iguanas in the Galapagos, which were forced to develop fins to feed at sea).
And David is curious,at the image of man, its creator (and he can try to destroy those who created it).
A true product of modern science, David, decided to test a hypothesis to aachieve a conclusion.
And the conversation between Charlie Holloway and David reveals exactly what will happen, and also reveals the basis of the character of the human species.
Why was David created by men?
Simply becausethey could.
So, David realizes that he has an opportunity to create life as well, a new way of life, and asks Charlie what he could do to get the answers he allways wanted.
Well, David, also.
And the Robot created new life, simply because he could.

Alien (the species )

But life does not evolve in a linear way, this is the part of Prometheus where Darwin has the most influence.
As in Jurassic Park, life finds a way to stay here, evolving.
It is in this part that the secondary characters Sean Harris and Rafe Spall assume its importance in the picture.
Many people said that the chapter was opened in a parallel story and ended with senseless and wanton action just to close this part of the screenplay, meaningless and created with time filling only purpose.
I disagree.
They where Sublimely used for all of us to realize that life emanating from the eggs (chemical weapons containers, like containers of Soviets and North Americans, with the remaining smallpox virus, which can be devastating in the near future, since humans stopped having contact with him and lost their resistance to it) found a way to evolve itself, through those “snakes” that develop on contact with water from the ground and trying to succeed in the bodies of the two characters mentioned above.
With both their deaths, that branch of life was extinguished, as happened to the Neanderthals who lived and walked the earth with the ancestors of modern humans.
But another branch of life is more successful.
the one who was created in David Holloway, who tries to reproduce in Elizabeth Shaw and acquire the characteristic that he needed to be self-sufficient, requiring no host.
The human reproductive system (see Alien 4).
However, Elizabeth Shaw was infertile, but the species eventually find another way to expand.
And it Found it in the Engineer, in order to eventually allow a next step in evolution, combining the DNA of Shaw and Holloway, two of the most brilliant of modern humans to their ancestors (and creators)who were clearly physically stronger.
Thexenomorph that emerges is very approximate to the one in Alien, the first movie of the saga..
And he is also able to kill their creators, without a blink.


The message passed by Prometheus:
Life evolves, and the Alien creature that appears in Prometheus, succeeds in the same solar system refered later in the first Alien Movie, (not on the same planet), and there is no failure here, as David referred quite rightly, there are many ships along the planet.
Wether in Prometheus 2 or in Alien 1, it is not hard to see that like the head of David and Dr Shaw found a ship, this new xenomorph creature can also find one, and travel to another planet, who knows if not Lv 426.

Likewise we do not see the first human, just the act of creation at the beginning of the film, it also happens at the end of Prometheus, we see the first of a kind in the Alien Saga,the creature that will give rise to this species.
How, is not significant.
All this is symbolic.

Last word for the character of Charlize Theron, she also turns against its creator, Weyland (Guy Pearce), and what what happens to her?
She Dies.
Why do we have to be selfish and not help those whe can help?( as Shaw falls Meredith Vickers does not help her, and if she had, would have chosen a different path escaping the falling ship (as Noomi Rapace)and this could have ment salvation).

To Survive, it’s something simple enough, all we have to do is help one anothers, but like mankind in Jesus era, Meredith chose another path.
And suffered the consequences.

Holloway commits suicide, not because he was suffering, as many say, but because he sacrifices himself to continue his species, he was already infected and at a point where he did what he had to do to allow pregnant Dr Shaw to enter the ship and not to die at the outside of Prometheus , she and her embryo.
Therefore, another sacrifice originating life.
Prometheus ends on New Year’s Day.

New year, new life!
Precisely, this new life is Alien.
And do you still manage to say that this isn’t a Prequel?

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